Morioka is once again one of the best players in the Pro League

The failure of Anderlecht is very far for the Zebra.

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I often wonder how this is possible! The question that Guillaume Gillet asks himself regularly is to know why a player of the caliber of Ryota Morioka did not win during his stay in Anderlecht. “He really has everything a prototype player for Anderlecht, at least for Anderlecht in my period. Guillaume Gillet is far from being the only one to wonder how the player through whom all the carolo offensives pass could miss in the shadow of Saint-Guidon. “When he told me he was going to Anderlecht, I was sure he would fit in quickly. Given his creative potential, I thought he was the typical Sporting type of guy. It surprised me that this is not the case ”, recently declared Maximiliano Caufriez to our colleagues from Sport / Foot Magazine.

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