More than 90% of NBA players have received a full vaccination against Covid-19

While the Covid-19 vaccine is not mandatory for NBA players and some of them display an anti-vaccination stance, Michelle Roberts, the executive director of the North American Professional League, however revealed this week. that more than 90% of the players had been fully vaccinated.

ESPN said on Thursday that 95% of NBA players had at least received a first injection.

No game in New York and San Francisco for the unvaccinated?

NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said on Wednesday that unvaccinated players could be banned from playing certain games because cities, such as New York and San Francisco, had issued orders requiring that they be vaccinated to enter. in sports arenas. Bass clarified that in this case the players would not be paid.

According to health protocol, NBA players who are not vaccinated should travel and eat, away from their teammates and also isolate themselves in the locker rooms.

The 2021-2022 NBA season kicks off on October 20 with two games: the defending champions Milwaukee Bucks host Brooklyn, while the Lakers host Golden State.

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