more than 400 hp for the American franchisor

Ford Performance has unveiled the « nasty » version of the Bronco, which features a V6 engine with more than 400 hp.

Ford had promised it, he did it: the Bronco is adorned with a fast Raptor version, like the Ranger and F-150. Only offered on the American market, this version of the Bronco is inspired by the Ultra4, an off-road competition of modified 4×4 prototypes.

The style of the Bronco is overhauled with specific elements, such as a grille with Ford capital letters instead of the Bronco logo, as well as new LED headlights or reworked bumpers. These include a towing hook. The tracks are widened significantly and the suspensions revised, with a travel of 33 cm at the front and 35 cm at the rear. Like the classic Bronco and one of its direct competitors, the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco Raptor can remove its doors to drive in the open air. On board, the powerful Bronco has a new 12-inch screen facing the driver to display the meters, with a specific Raptor menu and customizable displays.

An Ecoboost V6 of more than 400 hp

Under its hood, the Bronco Raptor could have embarked a V8 but is satisfied with a V6 3.0 Ecoboost. Ford does not communicate on the real power of the block, referring to “more than 400 horsepower” in its press release. This twin-turbo V6 is associated with a ten-speed SelectShift automatic transmission, including several modes for crossing.

The sporty 4×4 will be offered in the United States from March, for deliveries from the summer of 2022. Pricing has not been officially announced, but would be around $70,000, or approximately €62,000. Like the classic Bronco, this version should not be marketed in Europeexcept by a few specialized importers.

Pictures: Ford.

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