More than 40 billion euros in transfers in the last decade according to a FIFA report


The football transfer market caused $ 48.5 billion, or € 41.1 billion, in spending between 2011 and 2020. This dizzying data was transmitted by a FIFA report, published on Monday. According to the big data analyzed over the period 2011-2020, thanks to the system developed by FIFA, TMS (FIFA Transfer matching system), the transfer window experienced constant growth until 2019, before the Covid crisis also struck. this activity.

30 clubs account for 47% of transfer expenses

The sum rose from 2.41 billion euros in 2011 to 6.22 billion euros in 2019, before experiencing a drop of 23% in 2020 (4.77 billion €) due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to this study, the 30 most spending clubs are all European. These 30 clubs alone account for 47% of the total worldwide amount of transfer spending over the period.

PSG fourth most spending club

The biggest spending club of the decade is Manchester City (the report does not give any figures), ahead of Chelsea and FC Barcelona. PSG are fourth In the other direction, the two clubs which have received the most money for transfers are Portuguese, Benfica and Sporting. Monaco, the first French club in the ranking of best sellers, is 8th, ahead of Lyon 14th, Lille 16th and PSG 18th.

The growing share of agents

This report also makes it possible to identify the explosion in agent commissions. While the total amount paid to intermediaries amounted to € 111.1 million in 2011, it was € 542.8 million in 2019.


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