More number options for NFL players

The NFL has reportedly approved a change to its jerseys rules that will allow players in certain positions to display new numbers.

According to what ESPN reported on Wednesday, the numbers available to players in different positions during the 2021 season will be determined as follows: from 1 to 19 for quarterbacks and punts and precision kickers; 1-49 and 80-89 for ball carriers, wide receivers and tight ends; from 1 to 49 for defensive backs; from 1 to 59 and from 90 to 99 for linebackers; 50 to 79 for offensive linemen; 50 to 79 and 90 to 99 for defensive linemen.

The Kansas City Chiefs proposed a change to the jersey rule last season after facing some issues bringing in players from the practice roster. Some of them were even given numbers that the organization had already withdrawn.

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