Mookie Betts wants to accomplish one last career goal


Even though he is only 30 years old, Mookie Betts has already accomplished more than many other players in the great and rich history of baseball.

However, even if he has already pretty much ticked all the boxes that were on his bucket list as an athlete, there is one more thing that is sincerely close to his heart and that he would like to accomplish. That thing is none other than being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A great honor

The Baseball Hall of Fame remains, in the sense of many, including mine, the most prestigious among the various Halls of Fame. To support this fact, in hockey, there are at least four inductees per year, which can dilute the cohorts. In baseball, if there’s only one, there’s only one. It happened for David Ortiz’s cohort just last year.

To return to Betts, the latter considers that it would be the ultimate honor to a fine career that is far from over.

Among his feats of arms, we are talking here about a guy who won and accomplished:

  • Two World Series, with two different teams to boot
  • The title of MVP in 2018
  • Seven appearances at the All-Star Game
  • Six Golden Gloves
  • Five Silver Sticks
  • Won the hearts of thousands, if not millions of followers

The former glory of the Red Sox, traded to the Dodgers some time before COVID, is only 30 years old, I remind you. In his next sporting decade, he can still achieve several feats on a collective and individual level, which will only increase the value of his candidacy.

Betts really takes it to heart and does everything in his power to achieve his goal. Championship rings will really work in his favor, like being a great teammate. Who can speak ill of Mookie Betts? Even the most loyal Red Sox fans can’t! He wasn’t the one who asked to be traded, after all.

We will see for the rest of things, but Betts does not seem to be on the decline, on the contrary. His presence in the home run contest proves it, although he is not known to be a power hitter.

Between now and his potential future admission to Cooperstown, there’s plenty of baseball left for Betts to play. Once retired, he will be able to focus on his career as a professional bowler and, who knows, potentially be inducted a second time into a Hall of Fame, namely that of bowling in Arlington, Texas!

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