Monkey cries, banana throws… Evra tells about the racism he suffered during his career

Passing on the set of BFMTV, Patrice Evra returned to certain painful passages of his career, on the occasion of the release of his autobiography « I love this game ». The former captain of the France team explained that he had been a victim of racism, especially in Italy.

He is renowned for his outspokenness. Whatever the subject. Patrice Evra is not the type to water down a situation and he recalled it this Thursday when he appeared on BFMTV. Come to present his autobiography « I love this game », the former captain of the France team returned to several painful moments in his career.

The ex-left-back, now 40, testified to the racism he suffered because of his skin color. In Italy, in particular. After going through the PSG training center, the native of Dakar (Senegal) started his career on the other side of the Alps. In Marsala (Sicily), then Monza (Lombardy).

« A kid thought I had dirty skin »

« When I arrive in Italy for the first time, a man comes to me to take a photo with his kid. And after the photo, his kid touches me and he didn’t understand, he thought I was dirty, testifies Evra . When I was 17, they threw bananas at me in the stadiums. We made monkey noises every time I had the ball. But I used all that. I hate people saying that I’m a victim, even if I am. But it gave me strength and I was even better on the pitch. You can’t lie to yourself, racism exists everywhere. It’s a social phenomenon. « 

During this live interview, the former player of Monaco, Manchester United or OM, who hung up his crampons in the summer of 2019, also spoke of the sexual assault of which he was the victim in his youth. But also the Knysna fiasco during the 2010 World Cup with the France team.

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