Monaco: This former NBA player wants to become « a Top Euroleague player »

Freshly landed from the NBA where he had not found a franchise this season, Dwayne Bacon signed for the Roca Team to finish the 2022 season. He displays his ambitions.

Leaving the Great League for the Euroleague doesn’t scare Dwayne Bacon. Barely arrived in the principality, the former Orlando Magic winger is already essential. He has played five Euroleague games and is averaging 10.9 points when he is not yet 100% physically. If his time in Monaco will surely only be one season, Dwayne Bacon still wants to leave a mark on the Rock.

« The NBA is like that. I still believe I have the level to evolve there. It did not happen. But I couldn’t just sit back and wait for it to come. Monaco gives me the opportunity to play at a good level, make money, live in a beautiful city and enjoy it for the next seven months. I can help the team to win the championship and the Euroleague. I am a very physical player. I know the Euroleague. I know the intensity required and what the referees allow. It’s more physical than in the NBA, where you can’t touch the opponent. I feel capable of becoming a top Euroleague player. I will make sure to achieve it. That’s what i’m here for », Declared the player of the Roca Team to AFP.

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