MLS: the hard learning of Hernan Losada

The DC United of Hernan Losada and Nicolas Frutos continue their advance in MLS, slowly but surely one could say.

Things got off to a good start, and Losada’s official debut for DC United was successful with a 2-1 win over New York City FC in the MLS season opener.

However, DC United then struggled with three losses in a row, before regaining the victory, then chaining two more defeats.

In his defense, the Argentine had to juggle several injuries and absences, which did not help him in his task. But against Inter Miami, United regained color and demonstrated realism and efficiency, planting three goals in the training coached by a certain Phil Neville in his lair in Fort Lauderdale (0-3).

Hernan Losada and his troops pocketed their first away victory against the formation of Gonzalo Higuaín and Blaise Matuidi: « This must be our turning point, » the former Beerschot coach told the Washington Post. « This game has to serve as a benchmark for us, we have to take it as the game where we believe in everything we do, and where we start to get the results we deserve. »

With 9 points in 8 games, United are in 10th place (out of 14 teams) in the Eastern Conference standings. The first seven will qualify for the Playoffs at the end of a season which is still very long.

For his part, the Argentine coach continues his learning and his work, he had confided in wanting to bring a positive state of mind, his playing philosophy and explained that he wanted to become a complicated team to face, which will make life very difficult for all his opponents. .

MLS is currently enjoying a hiatus from international meetings around the world. Next meeting at the end of this month for the Losada-Frutos duo with the reception of … Inter Miami.

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