MLS Team of the Week: CF Montreal in the spotlight

CF Montreal started the season undercover, but took everyone by surprise with a 4-2 victory over Toronto FC on Saturday and suddenly it was noticed.

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Indeed, the Montrealers occupy a place of choice within the MLS team of the week with Zachary Brault-Guillard (two assists) who appears there and who was also in contention for the title of player of the week.

In his first game as head coach in the Garber circuit, Wilfried Nancy also finds himself in this star formation while Djordje Mihailovic is among the athletes named on the bench.

Note in passing that CF Montreal was one of the only two clubs to score four goals during the first weekend of activities, the other being the Seattle Sounders.

More free

Coming back to Brault-Guillard, he certainly played one of his best games in MLS, entering his third season with Montreal.

We saw him very engaged offensively and especially closer to the center of the field even if his role is mainly in the right lane.

“It’s a new system where I defend a lot, but I also have a lot of offensive freedom.

“We always want to have one or two solutions forward or backward to always have opportunities to progress. « 

He added that having participated in the Olympic qualification with the Canadian Under-23 team, he was already feeling very strong.

Internal competition

Brault-Guillard, who grew up in the French system, is now adapted to the reality of North American football, according to his own words.

Saturday, we especially had a young player who has the attributes of a good modern offensive side.

“My first quality is to defend well. If I can play a good game defensively, it’s already a success and if I can contribute offensively, it’s a bonus. If I can be more dangerous offensively when I’m riding, so much the better, ”said the 22-year-old.

After the game, Nancy notably mentioned that Brault-Guillard was the kind of player to be at his best when there is competition and Clément Bayiha, him, gives it internally.

“Since I’m not outside to see my performances, I don’t know,” said the main person first. But it’s true that when there is competition, you raise your level to be better. Clément does a tremendous job, so we rise together. « 


For his part, Victor Wanyama, who was one of the four scorers against Toronto, insisted on the importance of the gain to establish a benchmark.

“The first victory is always important because it gives confidence and gives momentum. « 

If many were surprised to see CF Montreal score four goals against Toronto, the Kenyan believes that it is not that surprising.

“We have good offensive players and we have worked very hard during the preseason to develop that aspect.

“For us it was no surprise to have good offensive moments and I think we can do even better. « 

Thanks to Piette

Wanyama looked much more of the player than we expected on Saturday. He was solid defensively and in recovery, even dominant in midfield.

“It’s a great advantage to have a real preseason because it allowed me to better understand my teammates. « 

We can add to this that he seemed much more comfortable in the collective game with a Samuel Piette positioned lower on the field, while we made him play closer to the attackers last year.

“I know Sam’s qualities and I think we understand each other better now. I don’t think it’s important that we play high or low on the pitch.

“I feel comfortable in all positions and I feel good as a torchbearer. I also like to score goals. « 

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