MLS – Soccer: Still a lot of work to do for Wilfried Nancy

Columbus Crew head coach Caleb Porter has called CF Montreal the best team in MLS after watching Wilfried Nancy’s men come from behind to make it 2-2 and advance to the playoffs , last Friday. A label that Nancy refuses to apply. Going to 5 to 7 for the start of the show, the CFM head coach responded to this mention of Porter.

“I would say that we are a different team from the others. After saying that we are the best team, no. In football everything goes very quickly. We have a style of play which is different and which means that we are capable of causing problems for everyone. It’s good to hear that because there is work done, the players should be proud of that, but we have to continue to play our game to go as far as possible. Of course we are happy to hear that, but we have to take a step back, there are very good teams in the league. »

To earn praise from their rivals, the Nancy players had to come back from a 0-2 deficit at Stade Saputo to tie the game and qualify for the MLS playoffs. A character trait that the team has demonstrated many times this season and which does not surprise the head coach.

“Not giving up is part of our style, part of our approach. We often talk about it with the coaching staff, the players have become aware of it. The idea is that a match lasts 90 minutes, 96 with stoppages. When you watch high-level matches, there are often turnarounds and you know that anything is possible. It’s ingrained in them. »

Not without knowing the club’s history in MLS, Nancy assures that the successes of the regular season are only the first step of something big for the Impact.

“We know where we come from. Already last year we had missed the playoffs by a bit. The goal was to go as far as possible this season. The players achieved a first objective by participating in the playoffs. The second objective is to continue our momentum and continue to collect points and mark the history of the club. Afterwards we will see in the series where we can go. »

Asked about the talent of his workforce, the CF Montreal pilot recognizes that it is first and foremost a team affair in the locker room and on the field for his team. He also draws a parallel between his career as a player and that of a coach.

“As a player, I was not the fastest, I always bet on the collective game. It’s not a problem for me that we don’t have big star players. What matters is the group. How the players of the group act between them and that they have the same vision. If we are at this level, it is because it is the group above all. A player doesn’t play with a partner, he plays for his partner and that’s how we got to this level. »

Wilfired Nancy, Head Coach of the Year

Defender Alistair Johnson was full of praise for his head coach earlier this week, saying Nancy deserves to be named MLS Head Coach of the Year.

“I’m a human being, I’m proud to hear that. Last year there were already good words about me, but again it’s not just me. I have one staff who is behind me and especially players who are ready to adhere to my vision, so that’s why, maybe, yes there may be a personal title that can happen and the first people I would thank for this would be my staff and my players. And if that doesn’t happen, we’re already doing something extraordinary and that’s what counts. After the rest, I can’t control it, but first of all I’m grateful to my players, that’s the most important thing and I move forward with that. »

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