MLS reveals ball in collaboration with Marvel


As part of a partnership with adidas and Marvel, MLS unveiled a ball inspired by the Marvel universe for the All Star Game.

On the strength of its development in the sporting and marketing aspect, the MLS offers itself a renowned partner on the occasion of the long-awaited All Star Game 2023 which will take place on July 19 at Audi Field in Washington.

Under an exclusive contract with adidas since 2004, the American championship has unveiled a special Marvel-style collection including a brand-new ball where the legendary superheroes wear this leather.

Marvel characters on MLS ball design

Presented a few months ago, the MLS ball for the 23/24 season will give up its place for the All Star Game to a new ball with an original shape. In total, no less than five Marvel characters take their place at the heart of this design. It includes Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk and Thor. All completed by what looks like the 6 gems of infinity as well as the logo of the American publishing house. Note that this ball is available in three versions ranging from €13 to €153.

The MLS x adidas x Marvel Ball

Beyond this one-of-a-kind design ball, the MLS x adidas x Marvel collection includes many pieces such as reversible jackets that players will wear when they enter the field, tracksuit bottoms, lifestyle products as well as many goodies and accessories. In short, the MLS did not do things by halves for its All Star Game.

Pieces from the MLS x adidas x Marvel collection


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