MLS – Penultimate with Toronto, Lorenzo Insigne admits his mistake


Arrived this season in Toronto, Lorenzo Insigne is experiencing difficulties at the penultimate of MLS. This weekend, he even admitted his mistake.

After ten years spent in Naples trying to win a Scudetto that refused him, Lorenzo Insigne took off at the end of the season for MLS, and the Toronto club in particular, to take advantage at 31 of a pre- golden retirement in the United States. In any case, that’s what he thought as he recently revealed, falling from above when he discovered the sporting reality of the American championship. Because if he thought of going on vacation, the Italian finds himself in fact in the coal, struggling to leave a place of penultimate which he had not seen coming. This weekend, the former international azzuri admitted his mistake.

Insigne admits mistake on MLS

Finally a victory, that’s what Lorenzo Insigne had to say to himself this weekend after Toronto’s victory against Wayne Rooney’s DC United (2-1). Because of victories, he has not seen many of them since his arrival in MLS, the Reds stagnating miserably in last place in the Eastern Conference standings. This welcome success allows the teammates of Insigne, author of 2 assists, his first contributions this season after 15 contested days, to gain a place and to « throne » the penultimate rank of the classification.

Happy with this positive outcome, the new Toronto captain came to the interview to express his relief and acknowledge his error in the image he had made of the US championship: “The last few weeks have been very difficult. I have to admit, I didn’t expect MLS to be that tough. I learn every day and I try to adapt. I am happy here, we will continue to learn together and progress as a team. »


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