MLS – Olivier Report: CF Montreal 1-FC Cincinnati 2

For the first time this season, the Montrealers did not have the status of underdogs before setting foot on the field. When Djordje Mihailovic scores in the 56th minute, everything goes like clockwork. Then it gets out of hand.

What to think of this 2-1 loss to a team that the Montreal XI had to beat?

On the check mark

FC Cincinnati have played 62 games since joining MLS in 2019. Of the 11 meager victories collected in the process, three have been recorded against the Montreal XI. I’ll just congratulate the men of Ohio, rather than banging my head against the wall trying to analyze this incredible statistic.

On May 13, Cincinnati repatriated Geoff Cameron after 9 seasons of exile in England. From the top of his 35 years, the defender played an exceptional match. Without him, Jaap Stam’s men never concede one goal. They never take three points.

On my hunger

There are those goal streaks that go around the world for all the wrong reasons. The luck missed by Romell Quioto in the first half will be repeated everywhere on the planet football. I don’t remember such an easy chance ruined by a Montrealer in the MLS era.

The life of an attacker is thankless. Quioto recovered in part with a superb job on Mihailovic’s goal, but if he scores in the 45th the three points are in his pocket.

In his defense, he might say that if the defense weren’t miles away from Clément Diop on the free kick leading to the winning goal, his team would have secured at least one point. He would be right.

On the sidelines

The midfielder was wrong in the first half. By swapping Ahmed Hamdi and Djordje Mihailovic at the break, Wilfried Nancy gave his team a whole new face.

If I really appreciated this adjustment, I am not convinced of the effectiveness of a passage to 4-3-3 at the end of the match when it is absolutely necessary to score. For the second time this year, the switch to a four-way defense created a big moment of hesitation where Montreal was more vulnerable than dangerous.

After the meeting, Nancy avoided sending anyone under the bus. He still sent a clear message. Lack of humility is unacceptable and efficiency in front of goal must be improved.

I would have liked to have seen his speech in the locker room. Nancy is not a « trash kicker », but he was clearly pissed off after the game. With reason.

On the « Good » way

Although the results of the races are the same, this loss is even more difficult to swallow than the setback late in the game in Atlanta a week earlier.

I have the impression that we are heading towards the most tense week of the season to date. A victory in Chicago will seal a satisfactory start to the season. On the other hand, a draw or a defeat will sow a doubt that everyone at the club could do without.

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