MLS: “Never stop dreaming”, says Wilfried Nancy in Montreal

Former CF Montreal head coach and now Columbus Crew head coach Wilfried Nancy shared a message on Twitter Friday night for Montreal and its supporters.

“Friends, colleagues, young players, football fans that I have met or who have supported me in my career in Montreal, above all, never stop dreaming. The most beautiful adventures begin with dreams, projects,” Nancy first argued in her publication.

Nancy has been part of the Impact/CF Montreal organization since 2011. He first proved himself with the Impact Academy, before joining the Montreal club as an assistant in 2016. Nancy took charge of CF Montreal in March 2021, before leaving for Columbus a few days ago.

“Thank you Montreal for believing in my passion, thank you for sharing your passion. Montreal, you gave me so many memories. Montreal, you will have thrilled me, you will have put loved ones on my path, you will have made me discover a warm, cosmopolitan, multicultural city. Thanks to you, I am taking a new path, but the road traced thanks to Montreal will always remain in my heart. »

“Montreal is just a goodbye. -Wilfried »

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