MLS: James Pantemis is aware of the opportunity open to him with CF Montreal

MONTREAL – After two consecutive outings where he limited his opponents to a single goal – scored during stoppage of the second half in Nashville on June 26 – James Pantemis seems ready to begin a new phase in his career as a goaltender in MLS. It remains to be seen until when the circumstances will allow him to advance his career and help CF Montreal make gains in the standings.

In a normal context, Pantemis would probably have accompanied his teammates Samuel Piette and Kamal Miller in the entourage of the Canadian national team, which will participate, from the weekend, in the Gold Cup tournament in the United States. There is no guarantee, however, that he could have taken part in a match.

However, the unfortunate injury to goalkeeper Clément Diop during the June 23 match against DC United, changed the situation. Thus, Pantemis remained in the entourage of the Montreal formation, to the relief of this one and to the benefit of the Quebec goalkeeper, who can finally show what wood he is heating up.

“I feel great,” Pantemis said via video conference Monday afternoon, just over 48 hours before the team’s next game against New York City FC.

“At the end of the day, the goal is to play regularly and being able to accumulate playing minutes week after week is something we all aspire to. « 

After registering his second shutout in MLS on Saturday night against Inter Miami CF, a team that has scored just nine goals this season, Pantemis is no doubt expecting a busier work night against a team that got the double in ten parts.

Only four clubs in MLS have done better in this regard than the NYCFC so far.

“The last two games have been good, positive. I want to keep building on this. I have always said that we are evaluated based on our last performance. That’s why I’m saying I have to focus on the next game. We have a big challenge on Wednesday, but we’ll be ready. « 

By playing on a regular basis, Pantemis is able to find his bearings more easily.

“Obviously, when you play several matches, you have a rhythm of the game, you can read the trajectories of the balls more easily. You are more used to it. Now I know that for a certain period of time I’m going to play, so I can prepare as I need to during the week, whether it’s on the court or at the gym. « 

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