MLS investigating Austin FC’s Cecilio Dominguez after police report – Reuters Sports News


Major League Soccer is investigating Austin FC midfielder Cecilio Dominguez over possible cases of verbal and emotional abuse directed by the player against his ex-partner, sources have told ESPN.

The league’s investigation continues after an April 8 visit by Austin police to the alleged victim’s home.

In the police report, a redacted copy of which was obtained by ESPN, Dominguez « was advised not to return home following a report of domestic violence. »

On that same date, April 8, MLS suspended Dominguez indefinitely « pending investigation by MLS into possible off-field misconduct. »

An Austin FC spokesperson told ESPN on Wednesday, « After proactively providing preliminary information to Major League Soccer, Austin FC continues to assist and work closely with MLS on its ongoing investigation. The club will refrain from any further comment until the conclusion of this investigation.  »

Police have not filed any charges against Dominguez. An Austin Police Department spokesperson said there was no further follow-up or legal proceedings.

The police spokesperson said that at this stage the report is for documentation purposes only, that Dominguez has not been arrested and that there is no criminal investigation opened against him. .

In the Austin police report, the alleged victim said she and Dominguez were separated and living in different residences, but that Dominguez would help her with the support of her family.

A source told ESPN that Austin FC contacted the league and domestic violence experts after receiving reports of potential abuse from Dominguez.

Austin FC and MLS worked together with the Austin Police Department to put in place a safety plan to protect the alleged victim.


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