MLS: Herbers smashes Higuain!

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Having left for Inter Miami in September 2020, Gonzalo Higuain (34) did not convince everyone in MLS, where his attitude with his teammates is singled out by opponents. This is the case of the Chicago Fire winger, Fabian Herbers (28), who made virulent remarks against the Argentine striker.

« Fuck that guy. This guy is so pathetic. Every time one of his teammates makes a bad pass or doesn’t give him the ball, he just stands there with a negative attitude. His body language is everything. just disastrous. I wouldn’t want to be his teammate. He’s so negative, so destructive with his own teammates when he’s supposed to help them and make them better. It’s going to be a long season for Miami if he doesn’t change. » , launched the German.

Last season, « El Pipita » scored 12 goals and provided 6 assists in 30 league games.

Read times – by Romain Rigaux on 03/05/2022 at 1:27 p.m.

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