MLS: Giovinco’s warning to Insigne

Napoli forward Lorenzo Insigne has received a warning from former Toronto FC star Sebastian Giovinco following rumors he is due to join the club from MLS next summer. Insigne has spent his entire career to date in the city of Naples, having broken through to their first team as a teenager in 2010.

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However, the 30-year-old, who helped Italy win their second European league title this summer, has just six months to spare and Toronto is reportedly looking to secure his services in the frame. a free transfer. A trajectory that could recall that of Giovinco, who had made the decision to leave the giants of Serie A, Juventus, to embark on a new challenge in MLS, when he was in the prime of his life, before to experience great success with Toronto between 2015 and 2019.

« We must consider disappearing from radars »

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The former Italy international scored 83 goals and went on to become the club’s top scorer in history, while also winning the MLS Cup and the title of best player in the league. When asked if a move to Canada is a good opportunity for his compatriot, Giovinco has shown a lot of measure for Corriere dello Sport.

« It depends on what you want. Personally, I felt comfortable on a human level and found a city where life is easy. On a professional level, you have to consider getting off the radar. J ‘lost the national team, I lost visibility. If you are willing to give up on these things, this is an experience that I recommend to everyone « ,
he confided.

« But it seems strange to me because he is the Napoli captain and I don’t think he will give up on a team that is fighting for the title like that », he added, before reviewing his personal experience with MLS. “I can say that when I arrived in 2015, I was promised seas and mountains that actually weren’t there. But I don’t want to go into details. First of all, I don’t regret my choice. « In the end, I have more goals and assists than games. It went well, but it didn’t help me much. »

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