MLS: Gareth Bale’s revival at Los Angeles FC

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Author of his second goal in MLS on Sunday against Real Salt Lake (4-1), Gareth Bale finds great form at Los Angeles FC. The Welshman seems as fulfilled as in his heyday at Real Madrid.

Left on the bench and heavily criticized by supporters during his last years at Real Madrid, Gareth Bale finally finds a smile just a few months before the 2022 World Cup. And it’s far from Madrid, at Los Angeles FC in the States United, which the 33-year-old winger seems to be sportingly reliving. If he has only played four games with his new team (96 minutes in total), he has already scored twice and with style.

His goal, all in technique and finesse, scored against Real Salt Lake this Sunday reminds us of what an extraordinary player the Welshman can still be. Even if he is still in his debut in MLS and we will have to wait to see if he can keep up the pace over time, it is clear that Bale has not been the same player since his arrival in the United States.

Bale happy according to his teammates

Labels of nonchalant, solo player, even « I don’t care » had stuck to Bale’s skin during his last years at Real Madrid. But in Los Angeles, he was seen grabbing a megaphone and singing along to LAFC fans during his presentation.  » He’s implicated. He looks happy, ”assures his partner Ilie Sanchez to AS. “Bale and I have a blast here. It’s a family atmosphere,” confirms his new team-mate, the Italian Chiellini.

Moreover, in a video posted by Los Angeles FC, Gareth Bale, facing the camera, slips a few words in absolutely perfect Spanish. Something Real fans have been desperately waiting for for years… In vain. What is certain, this rediscovered joy of Gareth Bale is good news for Wales, a few months before the World Cup. The Dragons will indeed be able to count, if he is not injured by then, on the best version of their best player.

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