MLS Concussions: What’s New During Games

Major League Soccer (MLS) will implement a new measure allowing teams to make a maximum of two changes during matches related to players who may have suffered a concussion.

Thus, the Garber circuit confirmed Monday its participation in the FIFA pilot project relating to this type of injury; this is in effect until August 31, 2022, but a decision on whether to extend it or permanently implement rules will be taken at the annual meeting of the International Football Association Board in March 2022. The initiative in This question will allow clubs to replace an athlete who has suffered a concussion – or who has a high probability of having had one – during the game, regardless of the number of substitutions already made.

Consequently, the MLS foresees three types of player replacements for the games of the 2021 season. Normal changes will be allowed up to a maximum of five, as was the case last year; those relating to concussions, which may be carried out immediately after the game concerned or at the end of a subsequent evaluation; Finally, the additional changes will be granted to the rival formation of the one struggling with the type of injury evoked.

In the latter case, a club may make one more substitution (up to a maximum of two) after having used its five regular substitutions if its opponent has taken advantage of the additional substitution option for concussion-related reasons.

In a statement, the league said referees will be able to stop play if they believe a player has suffered a head injury. However, they will not have to determine the type of substitution, nor the relevance of replacing or not the athlete concerned.

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