MLS | Columbus team backs down and keeps the name « Crew »

(Columbus) The Columbus organization in MLS has backed down and will keep the name « Crew » after suffering the wrath of supporters.

Associated Press

Fans opposed a process of transforming the image of the team including the name “Columbus SC”.

It was after a meeting with fans that the team made the decision to back down.

On social media, supporters have expressed their strong opposition to the marketing plan unveiled last week, including the name Columbus SC.

“The importance of retaining the ‘Crew’ name as the primary team identifier was very clear,” acknowledged the group of owners including Cleveland Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam.

« The decision that came out of the discussion is that the Columbus Crew will remain the official name of the team. »

The new logo designed in the team rebranding process will also be changed to include the name “Crew”.

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