MLS | Chicharito’s exceptional panenka

You might wonder in your spare time what becomes of Javier Hernandez, says Chicharito. Well it’s simple, he is having his best early retirement in the United States in the Los Angeles Galaxy club, which has seen legends such as David Beckham, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard and Romain Alessandrini.

A history of penalties

For Chicharito, the opportunity is perfect to relaunch the scoring charts. Indeed, Sporting Kansas City is one of the worst defenses in the League. The perfect opportunity to put a small minasse in the back of the net from the 5th minute. Small problem, in the second half, the players of Missouri will put a penalty and a blocked strike in the Galaxy goals. 1-2, back to the wall, it’s a Frenchman who will rock the game. In the duel with the goalkeeper, Kevin Cabral will escape to avoid him. John Pulskamp will instead decide to grab his ankle, penalty.

The perfect opportunity for Chicharito to double the bet. Look at the keeper… momentum… and big mine on the left. 2 everywhere.

A panenka worthy of Mickaël Landreau.

4 minutes later, on a somewhat crappy exit from a defender, the VAR is called. The opportunity to remember that on the other side of the Atlantic, there are also long minutes to spend watching a referee, watching the same images as you. Whistle, arm stretched towards the penalty spot. The perfect opportunity for the Los Angeles Galaxy to win the match in stoppage time. But also for Chicharito to score his second hat-trick in his American career.

Look at the keeper…swing…and panenka. Problem, and size, the Kansas City goalkeeper did not fall into the trap. But then, not at all. Like a Teddy Richert of the big nights, he recovers the leather as if it were a back pass from the head of his defender. The purpose of the panenka is humiliation. Problem, against kems and all the more severe.

Caught in the nets, he apologizes to the 20,000 spectators. But why apologize when you succeed in such a gesture? It is we who thank you Chicharito. The score, of course, will not move. Let’s hope for him that the Galaxy, in the fight for qualification in the playoffs, do not end up 1 point from last place, that would be a mess.

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