MLS: Charlotte FC’s debut is getting ready

A new Major League Soccer (MLS) team to make their debut there next year, Charlotte FC will select five players in the expansion draft scheduled for December 14, in addition to holding the first pick at the upcoming “SuperDraft”. January 11.

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Until these two auctions are held, the other teams on the Garber circuit will have to identify the athletes they wish to keep under their aegis.

Thus, those who could not qualify for the MLS playoffs – including CF Montreal – and the teams that will have been eliminated in the play-off at the end of the week will have to submit to the league by Wednesday the list of players. to whom they plan to bid.

The deadline is the same for the “Bona Fide” offers, which provide for a salary increase of $ 15,000 or 10% increase.

Clubs outside the playoffs will have until November 30 to submit to the league the list of players they wish to exercise. Athletes left behind – aged at least 22 and with a season behind the tie – will be able to wait until December 17, when the first leg of the readmission draft begins.

Montreal took advantage of this process only once, in 2014, by selecting goalkeeper Eric Kronberg and defenseman Bakary Soumaré.

Other options

Two days before the North Carolina team’s expansion draft, MLS will hold a half-day for trading, after a three-month roster freeze.

Players whose contracts have expired, but who are not eligible for full autonomy or the readmission draft, will be made available for the end-of-season waiver on December 15. Charlotte FC will have the first pick in each round. A list of players offered for this process will be made public by MLS two days earlier.

The free agent market will open on December 15.


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