MLS/ CF Montreal: Wilfried Nancy has a positive view of the agreement between MLS and Apple TV

MONTREAL – Starting in 2023, Major League Soccer will venture into whole new territory in terms of marketing and visibility following the lucrative deal with Apple TV, announced on Tuesday. An agreement that, at first glance, pleases the head coach of CF Montreal, Wilfried Nancy.

“By nature, I like everything that is creative. So, I like that. It’s an interesting project. It’s a bit out of the ordinary,” Nancy first said in response to the first question posed to her on Thursday during her first official meeting with Montreal journalists since May 28.

“There is a new generation. I see my son who is a ‘little ass’, he is five years old and he already masters the iPad and all that. It’s a new clientele that will perhaps arrive, and the old clientele will have to adjust. It will be global too. Me, I am for that in the sense that it is the evolution of life,” he added.

The pact announced Tuesday will be spread over a period of 10 years and will bring MLS the tidy sum of $ 250 million per year, according to various media sources.

The league’s official statement states that Apple TV will become the exclusive destination to watch every game of MLS live from next season, which would therefore mean the end of the broadcast of matches on conventional television.

If such a scenario were to materialize, it remains to be seen what the repercussions will be for a market like Montreal, where efforts are underway to regain the relevance that the organization once had there and to get closer to its audience.

« It was well received at the club level, even if he had no choice, » Nancy said of the deal. We’ll see. You know, everything new is a little disturbing, and afterwards, it always takes a little time to adjust. Afterwards, after a while, you think it was a good idea. We will stay positive. »

A step towards stability

CF Montreal’s last period of inactivity was marked by another important piece of news, that of the « open-ended » agreement reached with sports director Olivier Renard.

“As I said before, the president, Gabriel Gervais, wanted to have stability. To be successful, you have to have a long-term vision. To have a long-term vision is a process. And to put the process in place, you need people who are there and who have the time to put things in place,” noted the head coach of CF Montreal.

Nancy was Renard’s man of confidence when the latter had to react to the resignation of Thierry Henry shortly before the start of the 2021 season. Obviously, the bonds between the two men are solid, but Nancy does not does not feel more secure in his role because of the agreement reached between Renard and CF Montreal.

“Nothing is secure. You know my situation; I classify myself in the field. What I want is for my team to play the way I want them to play. The advantage I have is that Olivier agrees with me in terms of the game concept, my philosophy. »

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