MLS: CF Montreal resumes training after losing in the Voyageurs Cup


MONTREAL – It was in cool, gray weather that the CF Montreal players returned to training this Friday at Center Nutrilait, and the atmosphere within the group matched the weather. Indeed, the scars of the 2-1 loss in the Voyageurs Cup final on Wednesday against the Vancouver Whitecaps are still visible.

Rudy Camacho, CF Montreal defender, has some regrets about the team’s start to the season, and about this lost final.

“Mixed feelings, we had a catastrophic series at the start of the season, we are off to a mixed series with a defeat in the final, so obviously today we are not smiling too much. (?) We need to be a little more consistent and control our matches a little more. »

“The referee does not see his hand on the goal (in the final), it weighs us down a bit, when we kept our chances of being able to win, he added. There’s no VAR, we knew that, so we shouldn’t rely on the referee. It was up to us to control our game a little better, and we didn’t, so we can only blame ourselves. »

Jonathan Sirois, author of heroic parades during the meeting, was unfortunately guilty of a blunder which led to the opening of the scoring in the final. However, he explains that despite this error, his involvement in the game was still intact.

“When that happens, it sure takes a toll on morale, but I knew there was a lot of time left, so I had to keep the guys in the game. We always had a chance. That was my mentality after the goal, getting back into it quickly, and trying to make important saves. »

The players of Hernan Losada carried out a light training, in order to spare the organisms after this intense final until the last second. However, Losada still hopes to end this long streak in the best possible way against Minnesota United on Saturday night.

“It’s a difficult defeat to manage. But there are no regrets, because we gave absolutely everything until the last minute, said the coach. We put a lot of energy and effort into this five-week series, not only physically, but also mentally. I hope to recover everyone (against Minnesota United), and we will do everything to have a good game (Saturday) at home, in front of our supporters, with the new jerseys. »

Messi leads the discussions

In the same period as the final, news shook MLS: the arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami. A news that delights his compatriot, Losada.

“It feels good for MLS, for all that Messi can give. It will make soccer grow even more. I’m happy with the big step taken by MLS, a very professional league. Every year, very good players come to improve the league. It feels good! »

“(Messi) he’s still a great player, it’s cool to play against this kind of player, exclaimed Camacho. We will see where I will be next season, and I hope to have this opportunity. »

Samuel Piette was also present at training, but was training alone. The Bleu-blanc-noir coach said he did not yet know his possible date of return to the field. For now, CF Montreal wants to finish on a high note against Minnesota United before a well-deserved rest.


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