MLS: CF Montreal players acclimatize to their respective roles

Little by little, everyone is getting comfortable within CF Montreal.

The club have yet to lose in three games of the 2021 Major League Soccer season and have just scored a first shutout in a 0-0 draw against defending champions Columbus Crew.

« It’s very important to start this way, the guys buy into what the coach is offering us and it works, » said forward Erik Hurtado.

“A shutout is very important,” said defender Kiki Struna. Not just for the goalkeeper, but for the whole team. This is a sign that the pressure exerted in the front caused us less work in the rear. When we got to work, we were 100 percent ready.

“I think in defense, we were perfect. Now we know how to do it. I hope the next game will be the same in defense, but that we will score a goal. We have to win. « 

We feel that what Wilfried Nancy wants to install, regardless of the role each one is called upon to play, is accepted by the entire workforce.

“I train and play the way the team ask me to. I focus on improving myself every day and helping my teammates in every outing, ”explained Hurtado. The 30-year-old veteran has been asked to comment on his role as a mentor in a young squad as he tries to win his playing time as well.

“When you think like that, things take care of themselves and it’s a lot easier for you. […] Personally, when I embark on the field, I have the same mentality whether I am a starter or a substitute, ”he added.

On his side, Struna is back in a familiar role in a three-man defense, which he was fortunate enough to experience in Europe.

“It’s not a big difference, because I played in this pattern in Italy for five years. I was playing center-back, but I like playing three defenders better. It’s not a big change for me. « 

Neither does his new designated player status.

“I didn’t know I was going to be a designated player. Personally, that’s not a big difference. This is only a rule of MLS. Whether I’m a designated player or not, I don’t care. I’m here to do my job and I’ll give my 100 percent whatever. « 

CF Montreal (1-0-2) will travel to Salt Lake City where they will face the Vancouver Whitecaps (1-1-1) on Saturday, who suffered a first loss last week, 1-0 against the Colorado Rapids. .

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