MLS | CF Montreal beaten by the bottom of the class

Wilfried Nancy had said it: to trust appearances would be a mistake. Despite a horrible start to the season, FC Cincinnati surprised CF Montreal 2-1 on Saturday afternoon at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

Frederick Duchesneau
Frederick Duchesneau

Although the contexts are different, this is a second straight loss that is difficult for Montreal to concede (2-3-2), after the goal in the last seconds, in Atlanta, last week.

« It’s frustrating to lose two games in a row like that », dropped Djordje Mihailovic in a press briefing.

Of the nine goals the Montreal team allowed this season, eight were in the second half. And four in the last 15 minutes of play. A bad habit that seems to stick to the skin of the team, year after year.

When tied at mid-game, CF Montreal is now 0-3-1 this season. No wonder considering the statistic in the previous paragraph.

Mihailovic opens the brand

After a scoreless first half, the next one had started well for the Nancy players.

At the 56e minute, Djordje Mihailovic directed a magnificent pass in the opening to Romell Quioto, who only had a fraction of a second to shoot. What he did not do, finally putting in front for Mihailovic, who had continued his race. His initial action will have returned to him. 1-0 Montreal.

At the 63e minute, the American would have scored another, but he was out of the game… Same scenario for his compatriot Erik Hurtado two minutes later.

Then, at the 70e, Jürgen Locadia, entered 11 minutes earlier, brought everyone back to square one, concluding a corner kick with a diagonal header into the back of Clément Diop’s cage.

Subsequently, it heated up for a while for CF Montreal.

Wilfried Nancy’s troop was able to resist momentarily before bending again to the 86e minute, as Gustavo Vallecilla headed from an indirect free kick. A second goal awarded on a phase stopped by the CFM in this match.

“It’s not frustration, it’s nervousness. I spoke to the players. We can’t do that. It’s that simple. We can’t have control of the match, even if we haven’t scored the goals we should score, and then play as if there was no more structure, nothing, said the coach. -Montreal leader after the game. I got my message across.  »

“Honestly, we had the game in our hands and we dominated it. Except on the two set pieces, they didn’t do anything. So, mentally, it’s difficult, ”admitted captain Victor Wanyama.

FC Cincinnati are now 1-3-1. This is his third victory in three regular season games against the Montreal team.

Prior to this meeting, the Ohio club were last on the Garber Tour in a host of team stats.

Of all the teams Cincinnati has faced more than once in the regular season, Montreal is the only one to have never beaten it.

Quioto misses an empty net

The first quarter of an hour was very quiet until a well-positioned free kick from Luciano Acosta, for FC Cincinnati. The Argentine has 25 career MLS goals, one more than CF Montreal leader Romell Quioto. But without success this time.

Montreal had obviously led the game in this first half – possession time, pass rate, shots on goal – but without really threatening its opponent … until the 39th minute, when Victor Wanyama was offered an interesting opportunity to head.

Two minutes later, Romell Quioto failed to take advantage of a clear opportunity, almost alone in front of goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer.


Romell Quioto tries to outsmart goaltender Kenneth Vermeer.

At the 44e minute, Cincinnati scored before an offside was signaled.

Then, seconds later, Romell Quioto missed a wide-open net following a two-on-zero climb with Zachary Brault-Guillard. Really, a completely free net, without a keeper to hinder it … Too easy, perhaps.

It would have been his 10e goal with CF Montreal. It will be for next time.

“At halftime, I sounded the alarm,” said Wilfried Nancy. Because once again, you have to know how to kill matches. What happened is a textbook case.  »

This meeting marked the return to the game of Brault-Guillard, who was injured in a thigh. In return, Joel Waterman replaced the left side of the defense Kamal Miller, injured in turn.

CF Montreal will visit the Chicago Fire next Saturday.

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