MLS | Blaise Matuidi wants to bounce back after the scandal over his salary in Miami

(Miami) French world champion Blaise Matuidi assured Tuesday that the scandal around his salary at Inter Miami was behind him, and that he was now focusing « on the ground » with his MLS team.

Matuidi’s transfer to Inter Miami from Juventus sparked an MLS financial investigation that led to David Beckham’s club being fined a record $ 2million for breaking cap regulations salary.

After a disappointing first season, the former PSG midfielder wants to bounce back and make people forget a controversy that has made live « a difficult moment » for his family.

“For me, the most important thing is to be better on the pitch and to try to do my best for the team. Afterwards, the club resolved things with the league, so it’s a thing of the past now, ”he told reporters.

“In my career, I’ve been under pressure, that’s normal. I work hard every day. I know I can be better. Phil (Neville, the coach of Inter Miami, Editor’s note) expects me to be a leader, that I help teammates and young players and I try to do it every day, ”he said. he adds.

Since the start of the 2021 season, Inter Miami has still struggled to establish itself as a cador in the North American championship despite the presence of Matuidi and Argentinian Gonzalo Higuain in the workforce, and remains on a series of three defeats.

“We forget that the club is new. The club is only a year and a half old, ”recalled the 34-year-old midfielder. “I understand that people expect a lot from us, but I think we have to go step by step.  »

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