MLS: Apple lowers the prices of its Season Pass for the mid-season


Apple is slashing the price of its Season Pass to watch Major League Soccer (MLS) matches on the Apple TV app. The technique is classic in the sports world, with broadcasters lowering prices mid-season.

Prices are still displayed at €11.99 per month for Apple TV+ subscribers, or €13.99 for others. On the other hand, there is a change for those who pay directly for the full season: we go from €69 to €29, or from €89 to €39 for non-subscribers. The subscription will then be renewed for the next season of 2024 at the standard rate, unless the customer interrupts it before.

THE Philadelphia Inquirer got a statement from Eddy Cue, vice president of services. Unsurprisingly, Apple says it’s happy with its contract with MLS, which would cost it $250 million a year and last until 2032.

I’m very proud and happy with what we’ve achieved so far, but I’m sure the best is yet to come. […] These few months have been very fruitful for this unprecedented novelty. So I’m incredibly proud of everyone on our team, everyone in the league – the teams, the players and the owners have helped make this start to the season a huge success.

Eddy Cue unfortunately did not want to answer questions after his videoconference statement, which lasted just over three minutes. The publication was therefore unable to question him on the exit door that Apple has set up in the event of worse than expected commercial results. No details were revealed on the number of subscribers to the service, however Cue said the pass was selling better than Apple had anticipated. Reality or waffle, hard to say…


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