MLS All-Star Game: Honor will be at stake

When the crème de la crème of Major League Soccer (MLS) take on the crème de la crème of Liga MX tonight in Minnesota, nothing but honor will be at stake. However, it will be another opportunity to compare the quality of the product offered by the two best soccer leagues in North America.

A few years ago, we would never have dared to place the Garber circuit and the Mexican first division on the same pedestal. In fact, since the establishment of the current CONCACAF Champions League format in 2008, a Mexican club had taken top honors every year…

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Until 2022. The Seattle Sounders caused a surprise on May 4, 2022, triumphing against Club Universidad Nacional AC

A few months later, in an exhibition game, the Los Angeles Galaxy beat Chivas 2-0 in front of a crowd of 71,000 at SoFi Stadium.

“I am worried, admitted after the duel the president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, whose remarks were taken up by the ESPN network. The sums invested by MLS clubs have increased by 600% in 12 years.

“We want those kinds of investments. If we don’t achieve that, we will lose feathers in the next five years. This is the main objective of our league.

To make up for lost ground, Arriola believes that his circuit must also prioritize the development of young players, which can lead to possible transfers to European organizations.

“The United States has invested in youth and now has 220 players in Europe. We have 35,” he summed up.

A dazzling evolution

MLS head coach Adrian Heath meets the media a few days before the All-Star Game. The Englishman, who is a pilot for Minnesota United FC, shares the same observation as Arriola.

“Given that I am European and that I arrived here 13 years ago, I have a certain perspective on the situation. I believe that the level of MLS has never been so close to that of Liga MX.

“When I arrived 13 years ago, the gap was quite big. But it has diminished each year due to investments by MLS teams. In the long term, I believe it will be good for Liga MX as well. »

The Mexican Javier « Chicharito » Hernandez, headliner of the Garber circuit team, is well placed to comment on the case.

« I think both leagues have a lot to learn from each other, because they’re both doing good things and not so good things, » he said.

“We have to be more positive about this and avoid putting the two circuits in opposition.”

On the other hand, « Chicharito » will not hear to laugh on the lawn of the Allianz Field, Wednesday. He and the MLS stars do not take the duel lightly and intend to confirm their meteoric rise, a year after requiring a penalty shootout to win the first clash between the two circuits.

“It will be a competitive match, and we hope to win, concluded Hernandez. That’s why we’re in this league. We want to give everything we have on the field and outside to help the circuit to evolve.

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