MLS: A thrilling draw between New York City FC and Cincinnati

Cincinnati FC and New York City FC played a thrilling draw until the very end of the match. Cincinnati believed they had taken the honors from the game in the 89th minute, but an offside prevented the team from escaping with the victory.

Cincinnati initially started the game in the best possible way by building a three-goal lead. Luciano Acosta opened the scoring in the 15th minute, before seeing his teammate Brenner add two goals (24th and 30th) to increase Cincinnati’s lead to three goals.

It all came crashing down for Cincinnati before the end of the first half when the team conceded three goals in New York before retreating to the locker room. Talles Magno put NYCFC on the score in the 45th minute. Moments later, Héber added two more goals in stoppage time to tie the game.

Returning for the second half, Gabriel Pereira gave NY the lead for the first time of the game with a powerful shot to the top of the net.

In the 70th minute, Brenner completed his hat trick to tie the game 4-4. Brenner then believed he had added a 4th goal in the 89th minute, but an offside prevented him from giving the victory to his team.

Cincinnati’s last loss dates back to May 28, when the team lost 4-3 to CF Montreal.

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