MLS. A final defeat for Xherdan Shaqiri and the Fire.

The MLS playoffs are moving away again for Xherdan Shaqiri and Chicago. Beaten 2-0 at home by New York City, the Fire now find themselves five points from the bar.

In front of 11,720 spectators, Chicago conceded a defeat that does not suffer any discussion. New York was able to exploit the defensive errors of Fire to force the decision, a non-existent withdrawal on the opening of the score of the Brazilian Gabriel Pereira (16th), and a dribble too many in its surface of Rafael Czichos on the 2-0 of the Uruguayan Santiago Rodriguez (46th).

Xherdan Shaqiri did not manage to pull out of the game. The Basel must react on Saturday when Montreal came to play in a match that is almost like the last chance. After a virtuous series of four wins and a draw, the Fire suggested a happy outcome in this regular season. The two defeats against Philadelphia and New York, however, reminded how this team could be so fragile.


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