MLS: a double but a defeat for Xherdan Shaqiri –

Two penalties converted by Xherdan Shaqiri were not enough for Chicago to clinch their second straight MLS victory. The Fire lost 3-2 in Montreal.

Led 2-0 in the 29th minute, Chicago came back to a length in the 39th on a 1st penalty converted by « XS ». The Fire however conceded a 3rd goal before the break, and the 7th success of the Swiss international this season, in the 55th, did not change the outcome of this meeting.

Chicago, which on Saturday ended a series of 5 defeats against Inter Miami by Gonzalo Higuain, with already 1 goal from Xherdan Shaqiri, therefore remains 6 points from the bar in the Eastern Conference. With more than 3 matches on the program in the regular season, against 4 for the current 7th and last qualified Colombus, qualification for the playoffs seems more and more mission impossible.


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