MLS: a bit of bad luck for Inter Miami


Inter Miami CF has a similar record to that of CF Montreal, with one win, one loss and two draws. But things could be very different.

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According to head coach Phil Neville, the Florida club could have more than five points in the bank.

« I think we were unlucky not to win, » he said during a videoconference on Tuesday.

“A few referees may have deprived us of a victory, especially Sunday against Atlanta. « 

He was referring to an uncalled penalty shot that could have led to the winning goal, with Miami settling for a draw instead.


Unlike Montreal, which has dominated possession in three of its first four games of the season, Miami has only managed once.

But according to Neville, it’s mostly symptomatic of the type of players he has on hand.

« I mainly look at the chances that we create, » he admitted.

“We have a lot of individual possession players who like to dribble, which affects possession streaks and overall possession. « 

And among these players, he can count on Blaise Matuidi, whose status was uncertain following a blow to the ribs.


In addition, Neville was full of praise for his opponent whom he knows well without having faced him.

“Montreal has been impressive since the start of the season. We see them often since we share our training site with them.

“I saw them against Toronto and I also watched the game against Vancouver. They play a brilliant style of play. They use the full-backs and speed well, which means we risk having a very tactical game. « 

According to Neville, the key will be to pull the rug out from under Montrealers.

“We’re going to need some good ball possession to keep them from finding the rhythm. « 



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