MLS: 70 black soccer players form anti-racism association

(New York) Amid the anti-racism wave in North America, more than 70 black MLS soccer players announced on Friday the creation of an anti-racism association.

« There will be change, » promised several of them in tweets accompanied by a press release announcing the creation of this group, called Black Players Coalition of MLS.

« This is a new organization that will fight against racial inequalities in our league, support all those who fight racism in the world of soccer and do good for black communities in the United States and Canada, » the press release promises. .

The association, led by Justin Morrow, American defender of Toronto FC, intends to sensitize football players to racist prejudices, promote civic education courses and diversity in recruitment.

« We hope that our organization will be the extension of the sacrifice of our ancestors so that the next generation can live in a more equitable society », continues the association in this press release published on the symbolic date of June 19, which commemorates the end of the slavery in the United States.

MLS supported them, as the United States was rocked by the « Black Lives Matter » wave against racism and police violence, after the death of forty-something George Floyd suffocated by a policeman in Minneapolis.

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