MLB’s most valuable franchise is…

As we know, MLB makes a ton of profits. We also know that some teams are worth more money than others. It’s like that in all leagues and MLB is no exception. But do you know which are the richest teams? Sometimes the results in terms of values ​​can be surprising…or not.

Courtesy of Forbes, we now know who sits atop that infamous list. Drum roll… the Dodgers? No. The Red Sox? No more. The Yankees, of course! Admit that you didn’t fall out of your chair with that name.

It’s no surprise that the New York Yankees are the most valuable team in the baseball market with a value of $4.6 billion. They are closely followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers with $3.3 billion and the Boston Red Sox in third place with $3.1 billion.

The top-5 of this ranking ends with the Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants in 4th and 5th place respectively. Personally, I didn’t think the Giants were worth that much. The top 10 includes the New York Mets ($2.3 billion), the St. Louis Cardinals ($2.1 billion), the Los Angeles Angels ($1.9 billion), the Philadelphia ($1.850 billion) and the Houston Astros ($1.775 billion).

And then, which team has the lowest value? The Miami Marlins, of course, with $1 billion. Nothing surprising here either. If you want to see the complete ranking, it’s here.

In light of all this, don’t be surprised to hear phrases such as: « We know it, the Yankees are buying themselves championships. » “Even if we only know the game doesn’t play out quite like that.

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