MLB will make an offer to players on Thursday


Since the owners declared a lockout more than five weeks ago, there have been a few meetings between the players and the bosses in order to sign a new contract.

That said, even if there is no small file, the discussions took place on subjects which have nothing to do with money. This means that most of the work remains to be done.

That said, according to information from Jeff Passan and Evan Drellich, a video meeting is scheduled for Thursday to discuss economic issues.

Even better? MLB is expected to put a collective bargaining offer on the table.

In view of the players complaining of not being able to negotiate alone and never having had a follow-up on the offer they put on the MLB table a month and a half ago, It’s good news.

That said, we can have (we must have, in fact) a little restraint. On January 13, a month before the camps, will MLB make a real offer?

We can doubt it.

After all, we will remember that in 2020, everyone was negotiating in bad faith and that ridiculous offers were tabled on both sides. Is that still waiting for us? Who knows. We’ll see, actually.

We can also wonder if a group will leave after five minutes as was the case in December. After all, that wouldn’t be exactly positive.

Until then, let’s wait and see what happens.


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