MLB: Vladimir Guerrero joins his father as circuit champion


We knew he was capable. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has officially made All-Star Game home run history. Vladdy joins his father as champions of the prestigious tournament, the father having won the honors in 2007. The Guerreros are the only father-son duo to achieve the feat.

After coming close to winning in 2019 losing to Pete Alonso, the son completed the father’s feat by hitting 25 home runs in the Grand Finals to defeat Randy Arozarena of the Rays who hit 23.

« It’s amazing how powerful he is, » said Arozarena. He was sensational. »

Second to come to the plate, Arozarena nearly ruined the show for Guerrero supporters. With 30 seconds to go on the clock, the star of the Rays had 21 home runs on the clock, in a position to ruin the feat. The outfielder couldn’t carry his excellent streak before the extra-time break, however, and he was only able to add two homers at the crucial moment.

Condemned to a spectator role for the final 30 seconds of the competition, Guerrero was ready no matter what outcome was to come. “I felt good, I think the pressure was on him. If he beat my mark, so be it, but I managed to win. »

The son immediately called the father by video call who was delighted with the feat. Senior also highlighted his son’s achievement on Twitter a few minutes after their call.

“What a performance! I am proud of you my son, ”we can read on the father’s account.

Of course, baseball is often a family affair and the Guerrero family can now boast of being the first to have two home circuit champions at the same table in a family meal. A victory that the son owes to his family, he underlines.

“I always believed in this moment. My family has always encouraged me, this moment is for them. »

To earn a spot in the Finals, Guerrero Jr. knocked out Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts in the first round before doing the same to Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez.

Guerrero hit the ball beyond 440 feet each round to earn the 30-second bonus. He finished the first round with 26 homers. Obviously conceding power with a five-foot-nine, 180-pound frame, Betts was limited to 11 homers.

In the next round, Guerrero faced Rodriguez who had just broken the circuit record in the same round with 41 against Alonso, Guerrero’s scorer in 2019. Author of the previous record with 40 long balls, Guerrero lost the battle for the record by a single round, but he won the contest war taking advantage of Rodriguez’s exhaustion to defeat him 21-20 with about 40 seconds to go in the second round and slip away to the final.

Guerrero still holds the record for homers in a single contest, having finished the competition with 91″. plakatas in 2019. He closed his counter at 72 long balls over three rounds of the contest to become the contest champion for the first time in his career. The previous record for homers in a single night was 61 by Giancarlo Stanton in 2016.

1st round of the circuit competition:

(1st) Luis Robert Jr. (White Sox) 28 vs. (8th) Adley Rutschman (Orioles) 27 (including 7 as a right-handed hitter!)

(2nd) Pete Alonso (Mets) 21 vs. (7th) Julio Rodriguez (Mariners) 41

(3rd) Mookies Betts (Dodgers) 11 v. (6th) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays) 26

(4th) Adolis Garcia (Rangers) 17 v. (5th) Randy Arozarena (Rays) 24

2nd round of the circuit competition:

(1st) Luis Robert Jr. (White Sox) 22 vs. (5th) Randy Arozarena (Rays) 35

(6th) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays) 21 vs. (7th) Julio Rodriguez (Mariners) 20

Circuit competition final:

(5th) Randy Arozarena (Rays) 23 vs. (6th) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays) 25


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