MLB: two Dodgers players make almost as much money as Rays players

Two Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers, who will be inactive Wednesday night in their playoff game against the St. Louis Cardinals, are making almost as much money as any of the players in the Tampa Bay Rays roster.

The Dodgers, defending World Series champions, will enter the playoffs with more than three times the payroll of the Rays, the team they beat in the 2020 Fall Classic.

According to figures calculated by Major Baseball, the Dodgers’ payroll as of August 31 was US $ 260.9 million. The New York Yankees are in second place, but far behind, with a payroll of $ 203.5 million.

The Rays, champions of the Eastern section of the American League, rank 26th with a payroll of $ 76.6 million. This is only $ 7.6 million more than the salaries paid to Trevor Bauer and Clayton Kershaw.

Bauer, the highest paid Dodgers player with a salary of $ 38 million, has been on paid administrative leave since July 2, under Major Baseball’s policy on domestic violence and sexual assault.

Bauer, through his representatives, denied any wrongdoing.

Kershaw, who comes third with the Dodgers with a salary of $ 31m, behind Bauer and left-handed gunner David Price ($ 32m), is on the injured list due to pain in his left forearm that cause him discomfort.

Kevin Kiermaier, the Rays’ highest-paid player ($ 11.67 million), was paid less than seven Dodgers flagship players. Besides Bauer, Price and Kershaw, Kiermaier earned less than reliever Kenley Jansen ($ 20m), right fielder Mookie Betts ($ 18.7m), left fielder AJ Pollock ($ 18m) and fielder center Cody Bellinger ($ 16.1M).

Among other teams that qualified in the playoffs, the Houston Astros ($ 188.4 million) rank fifth in all of Major Baseball, immediately ahead of the Boston Red Sox ($ 187 million).

St. Louis Cardinals ($ 167.6 million) are 10th; the San Francisco Giants ($ 165.4 million), 11th; the Atlanta Braves ($ 149.4 million), 14th; the Chicago White Sox ($ 141.5 million), 15th; and the Milwaukee Brewers ($ 105.2 million), 19th.

On the luxury tax, the Dodgers will have to pay about $ 14.9 million to have exceeded the cap of $ 210 million.

The San Diego Padres ($ 215.6 million), who failed to advance to the playoffs, are the only other roster to have broken the cap. They will have to reimburse an amount of $ 1.1 million in luxury tax.

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