MLB Top 100 Players: The Overrated Young Stars?

During the last days, the traditional Top 100 Right Now was unveiled on the various MLB platforms. The ranking, compiled by analysts from the MLB Network, honors the top 100 players in the Major Leagues by looking at their performances over the past few seasons and emphasizing the most recent season as well as projections for the upcoming campaign.

If you missed it, here is the full ranking.

Absolutely no one will be surprised to see Mike Trout enthroned at the top, just like seeing Mookie Betts and Jacob deGrom complete the podium. All three players have ruled the sport for a few years now and are already on their way to Cooperstown, although they still have many years of good baseball to offer, barring a big surprise.

However, the rest of the ranking remains faithful to its habit and gives us its share of debates. After all, it’s sometimes quite difficult to choose between two players, so imagine doing it for the entire Majors.

Personally, the three players whose ranking surprised me greatly are all grouped together, and they are between the fifth and seventh position (inclusive, obviously).

Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ronald Acuña Jr., despite their young ages, are all already considered among the top seven players league-wide. A group that does not include exceptional players and recipients of the title of Most Valuable Player in the past. We can especially think of guys like Christian Yelich, Cody Bellinger, Nolan Arenado and Francisco Lindor, among many others.

Attention, I am a big fan of these three young people, who have given a breath of fresh air to a sport known for stars lacking in personality. Still, we can wonder if, despite their astonishing talent and their immense potential at such a young age, they have already reached this stage.

Does their potential and their accomplishments after such a short time make them worthy of being placed in front of players who have a solid resume after several years and who have shown season after season that they can reproduce their prowess? I’ll let you decide on that.

If you want my opinion, we want to continue to highlight these three exceptional young athletes on the MLB side, and that’s what justifies this ranking. Are they better players than guys like Arenado or Bellinger as of today? Personally, I don’t think so, but it’s probably only a matter of time before they do.

One thing is certain: these three youngsters are the stars of tomorrow in MLB, and “tomorrow” is quickly becoming “today”. A talented player with an electrifying personality like Tatis, an outfielder five tool like Acuña and a hitter like Soto, it appeals to just about everyone’s tastes, and when Mike Trout hands over his throne, we bet these three young stars will be the main heirs.

However, let’s wait a bit before placing all three of them among the seven best players in the league, they who are only 22-23 years old. They will be there soon enough, however, rest assured!

Round 10
  • The Pirates obtain the services of Todd Frazier.

  • The Mets welcome the arrival of Taijuan Walker.

  • Although he won’t be pitching while recovering from surgery, Brendan McKay is focused on his batting.

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