MLB: Three players suspended 80 games for doping


NEW YORK — Outfielder and first baseman Danny Santana, pitcher Richard Rodriguez and infielder José Rondon were suspended for 80 games each on Monday in connection with Major League Baseball’s drug testing program.

Santana, Rodriguez and Rondon, all free agents, tested positive for boldenone, a performance-enhancing substance, the commissioner’s office said.

This is the first disciplinary action since the program resumed on March 11 after a 99-day suspension during the lockout.

These results come from urine samples taken before the start of the lockout on December 2. However, Major League Baseball officials concluded they could not announce disciplinary action during the lockout, according to a person familiar with the scouting program. This person confided under the seal of anonymity because this detail had not been made public.

The 31-year-old Santana is an eight-year Major League veteran who appeared in 38 games with the Boston Red Sox last season. He also played with the Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers.

Rodriguez, 32, started the 2021 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates after being traded to the Braves on July 30.

As for Rondon, 28, he played 63 games with the St. Louis Cardinals last year.

These are the first penalties imposed under Major League Baseball’s drug testing program since the 80-game suspension of Oakland Athletics outfielder Ramon Laureano on Aug. 6. There are still 27 suspension games left at Laureano.


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