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For one season, the baseball simulation takes on the Japanese accent. The Sony title available in the Game Pass wants to be like the star of its jacket, the Los Angeles launcher and MVP Shohei Ohtani: precise, versatile, enduring. And without much surprise, MLB The Show 22 confirms in most areas.

The Atlanta Braves shone last season by winning the World Series of MLB, the American league. But If there’s another country where baseball shines, it’s Japan.. Pitcher Shohei Ohtani left his native land to be a hit in the United States, become the best player in the league and finish on the cover of MLB The Show 22. Because yes, the season started on April 7, and it takes a game -video to experience new emotions bat in hand.

A Sony game on Xbox: The magic of baseball

MLB The Show 22: Sony's Baseball video game available on Xbox still going strong

We keep the same team on Diamond Dynasty from one console to another.

It is also the Japanese firm Sony which is at the helm of the saga, via its studio in San Diego for development. And same event as last year, the game is not exclusive to the PS5 or the PS4: we find MLB 22 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, accessible on the Xbox Game Pass. With concessions? Not really. If not for the haptic feedback from the DualSense and slightly faster loading times on PS5, MLB retains the same game modes and the same graphic excellence on Xbox Series. In addition, the title is cross-platform online with more stable servers than the previous installment, and benefits from‘a flawless cloud system. On Diamond Dynasty, the card game mode similar to FIFA FUT where you build your dream team, you then keep your team from one console to another, and the same balance of virtual currency. A graphic downgrade is to be expected on PS4 and Xbox One, but it is also light there.

As easy as the theca

MLB The Show 22: Sony's Baseball video game available on Xbox still going strong

The way to play is customizable

Where the license is very strong, and this is nothing new, is in its ability to be accessible in its gameplay despite the difficulty of the rules. Whether in the way of throwing when you are on defense (with the stick, with the buttons with a timing gauge…), in the way of shooting at bat, in the placement of players in defense or in the control of the players on the bases in attack, everything is configurable. You choose at the beginning of your way of playing, and you can change at any time. A very appreciable piece of data, even if newcomers must first of all understand the basics of the sport, unfortunately not explained in a tutorial.

The title is also essentially in English, in the texts and the voices, without French translation. A recurring concern about two major American sports and their video game adaptation: MLB The Show and Madden NFL, while NFL and NBA 2K are irreproachable in this sense. On the production side, SIE’s game is on the other hand striking, with very faithful models of players and stadiums, an immersive audience rendering (in the background, when you launch), slow motions and skins like on TV and daily updates. It is, in fact, possible in an exhibition match to play the matches which are being played or have been played IRL with the planned/aligned team compositions.

Diamond too rough?

MLB The Show 22: Sony's Baseball video game available on Xbox still going strong

The Conquest mode is still there and treats

For once, the lifespan of MLB The Show is gargantuan. It has a career mode where you control a player, Road To The Show where we advance an athlete’s profile (batter, pitcher, all-rounder) from the development team all the way up to the big league. It’s up to you to perform quickly as a player in the big leagues, and interact in the right way with the protagonists in the clubhouse to earn bonuses. Nice and long, but the scenario has not changed compared to the last episodes. The Dynasty mode discussed above is the classic card game to all sports games with packs to open to collect your favorite players and have them play online or in challenges against the computer.

This is undoubtedly the mode where players will find themselves the most, between the oppositions on impeccable servers and the daily challenges where you have to beat with a defined player the most times and as far as possible without suffering a « strike -out » (elimination when the receiver receives the ball from the pitcher 3 times without the batsman touching the ball the third time). For the solo part, we feasted on Conquest mode, a mix of 4X and sports game where the goal is to dominate a map, beating the AI ​​or simulating matches with some thinking being essential to gaining territory. Finally, « Moments » are exciting challenges that trace legendary moments in MLB history.

Strong points

  • A perfectly transcribed sport and league
  • Gameplay as intuitive as ever
  • Moments and Conquest modes
  • Endless customization possibilities
  • More stable online mode
  • Cross-platform and on Game Pass

Weak points

  • Road to the Show still not completed
  • The menus, too simple
  • French language absent (voice and text)
  • May put off the uninitiated in baseball
  • Very little new!

While the 2021 edition had more than conquered us, the 2022 season of MLB The Show is still a success… but will not bring as much interest. Perfect gateway to baseball games for anyone who loves the sport and knows its rules, the Sony IE title will not make a regular in the saga jump out of his chair, and that’s the only big downside: the lack of new game modes. For the rest, the modeling of the greatest bat and ball stars is impeccable, the lifespan striking with a gameplay always accessible to newcomers. But be careful, you still have to know the sport, its rules not necessarily explained and not be Anglophobic.

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