MLB tests new regulations in Atlantic League

Independent baseball is often a level where new rules are tested which, in some cases, are then introduced in major league baseball.

It’s unclear if that will be the case here, but MLB partner Atlantic League will be instituting a designated hitter who will have to leave the action if the starting pitcher is removed from the game. This measure is called the « Double-Hook DH ».

Teams will then either send an alternate hitter or send the relief pitcher to bat. We can bet that many will try the experience!

According to Major League Baseball, this is a nice hybrid in the rules of the National League and the American League.

This decision is also indicated by the fact that nearly 90% of starting pitchers in major league baseball in 2020 remained on the mound for at least seven innings. This stifles the opener a bit, but it will be interesting to see how the managers adjust.

Also, for the second half of the season in the Atlantic League, the pitcher’s plate will be set back twelve inches.

So, at 61 feet and six inches, that should give the batter more time to adjust to the arrival of the ball. Will this have a real impact? It remains to be seen …

However, based on the data gathered, moving the plate back twelve inches could have the effect of seeing the bullet come slower by about 1-1.5 miles per hour.

With the pitching velocity increasing and the number of strikeouts increasing over the past 15 years in Major League Baseball, this could bring a new perspective.

Again, it is argued that this change could be significant, without being binding.

What do you think of these two changes? Do you think they’ll be brought into major league baseball in a few years?

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