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Memorize how pitchers play

While it’s simple to get in and play, there are some basic baseball principles to keep in mind. Pitchers all have a different way of playing and you have to adapt. Some like fast balls, others put in effects, etc.

Do not hesitate to train with these different athletes to understand how they play, as this will be of great help to you later. And to you the victories!


think about speed

The art of stealing the bases is crucial in baseball! Depending on the events, you can take advantage of a big advantage… or, on the contrary, be put in difficulty! Since you have to run fast, choose players with good speed. It can range from 11 to 99: of course, you have to get the highest statistics.

A good average is around 75. You can try with 70 or 65, but your chances of success will necessarily be lower.


Replace your launcher if necessary

As in real sport, your pitchers will eventually get tired during games, so consider replacing them. Of course, if your starting athlete is very good, you can give it a shot and keep him, but in our opinion it is wiser to take a replacement after a while.

As you progress, you will undoubtedly recover good pitchers, which will reduce the risks during substitutions.

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