MLB: six RBIs for Cody Bellinger and 11 RBIs for the Dodgers in 1st inning

Cody Bellinger produced six runs in the first inning alone and the Los Angeles Dodgers netted 11 in their first round at bat in a 14-3 win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday.

The Cards took a 1-0 lead after a long ball from Paul Goldschmidt, but things turned sour when Carlos Martinez came to the mound late in the first set.

Justin Turner leveled the mark with a productive single. Bellinger pushed two teammates home afterward.

After three productive singles that took the score to 7-1, Bellinger was back at bat, still in the first inning. The one who missed several weeks with a fracture hit a grand slam to take the mark to 11-1.

Martinez left the mound after just two strikeouts in that game, but he had already allowed 10 points, as many hits and four walks.

With such a large lead, Walker Buehler evolved without pressure at the Dodgers mound. He allowed three runs in six innings of work.

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