MLB: Shohei Ohtani plans to throw and hit in All-Star game


ANAHEIM, Calif. –Shohei Ohtani plans to throw and strike in the All-Star Game next week, his manager with the Los Angeles Angels said.

Joe Maddon said he spoke with Kevin Cash, who will lead the American League.

Maddon encouraged him to showcase the Japanese’s versatility at Coors Field on July 13.

Maddon said that this is Ohtani’s wish, and that Cash agrees.

“The details (whether he’s going to be the starting pitcher or not) have yet to be worked out,” said Maddon.

Ohtani, who turned 27 on Monday, leads major league baseball with 31 home runs.

« Also, how many at-bat to give him? » Don’t forget he’s also going to participate in the circuit contest (the day before), ”Maddon recalled.

“That’s a lot, but Shohei agrees. It’s just a matter of finding the best way to do it. « 

Ohtani’s last start before the All-Star game is Tuesday in California, against Boston.


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