MLB schedule: a huge novelty in 2023

Major League Baseball unveiled its 2023 regular schedule on Wednesday and for the first time in history, all teams will face each of their rivals at least once.

Thus, this means that the clubs of the American League will meet in a series at least each formation of the National. During the campaign, which begins on March 30, the teams will play 13 games against their section rivals for a total of 52; then, six games against the other competitors in their league, for 64 in all; finally, a series of three meetings against each opponent in the other league, for 46 in total.

In the case of the Toronto Blue Jays, this obviously represents fewer meetings with opponents from the East of the American. The Canadian club will begin its season by visiting the St. Louis Cardinals, who play in the National, on the first day of the calendar. His first 10 duels will be held abroad, as he will then travel to the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angeles Angels.

The Jays’ inaugural home game will take place on April 11 when the Detroit Tigers play. Also, Toronto will finish the season with six home games: three against the New York Yankees and as many against the Tampa Bay Rays, who will be at Rogers Center for the end of the 2023 campaign on October 1.

Among the National clubs playing in Ontario next year are the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres.

Other highlights

Weather permitting, the major leagues will kick off the schedule with all their teams in action for the first time since 1968. Also, the new schedule format will allow fans to relive some past World Series matchups; in addition, the Yankees will host the San Francisco Giants to open hostilities, while the Chicago White Sox will face the Astros in Houston, also on March 30.

The star classic is to be held on July 11 in Seattle.

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