MLB Power Rankings: The ranking of the 30 teams after the Winter Meetings

Where does each team stand after the Winter Meetings in this week’s MLB Power Rankings.

This week, the MLB Power Ranking takes a look back at the past week for all 30 teams. The winter meetings have been the occasion for renewed interest for the most active teams.

Some teams made splashes. Some have set foot in the water. Others pretended that they had no bathing suit and remained silent.

Many clubs have overtaken their opponents while others have fallen behind. What is the record of each MLB team after the winter meetings?

30) MLB Team Rankings: Oakland Athletics

There will come a day when the Oakland Athletics will change their logo to a white flag. The team is as uncompetitive as it gets. Still on the hunt for a Sean Murphy trade, we can only wonder if parting with their young receiver is a win or loss in the MLB standings. We’ll have to wait and see what they get in return.

29) MLB Power Rankings: Washington Nationals

The National League’s version of the Athletics, the Washington Nationals are just as willing to lose 100 games. The Nationals at least seem to have some direction. They are awaiting the end of the long contracts of Patrick Corbin and Stephen Strasburg. In the meantime, the rest of the squad will be built around younger players and maybe a piece they’ll be looking to trade at the deadline.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Cincinnati Reds

There is hope for the Cincinnati Reds to be better in 2022. Things couldn’t get much worse, so it’s all about perspective. The Reds are not going to buy this offseason. With few coins to trade since sending Luis Castillo west, they are serious challengers for baseball’s worst record next season.

27) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals

Another team that isn’t looking to do much more than show off, the Kansas City Royals aren’t close to winning again. The only free agent they’ve lost is Zack Greinke, which isn’t a huge blow to their success. No logical decision made at the winter meetings could have improved them. This is a team waiting to see if Bobby Witt Jr. is a future star. Keep your fingers crossed, Kansas City fans.

26) MLB Power Rankings: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates have added high profile players to their roster this season. The additions of Jin-Man Choi and Carlos Santana boost the offense. Outfielder Bryan Reynolds’ future has been up in the air since he asked to be traded to Pittsburgh. Doesn’t he realize the beauty of the stadium they own? He’s probably tired of losing and knows how popular he is in the trading market right now. Let’s see if anyone can snatch it from the Pirates and make their own leap forward in the MLB standings.

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