MLB Players Association wants to represent minor league players

For ages, players in the affiliate networks of MLB organizations have been treated somewhat cavalierly. But that could change.

Indeed, the Major League Baseball Players’ Association sent clearance cards to current minor league players asking them to name the union as their official representative during collective bargaining.

In the event that 30% of minor league players sign their clearance cards, the cards will be presented to the National Labor Relations Board to demonstrate interest in unionization.

From then on, more than 50% of those players would have to vote in favor of unionization before the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) could be given the responsibility to negotiate on behalf of minor league players.

It will be a long process, but if all this materializes, it would be a major change of mentality for the players of the minors, those who have never been compensated at their fair value.

That way, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred will have no choice but to face the facts. As we know, he will go and hide in a den as he does so well.

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